Fabeltjeskrant (aka The Daily Fable) is about to revive !

Rubinstein Pictures, the brand-new animation and media entity that has been created by the joint

venture between Rubinstein and Grid (Tinker Group), is teaming up with De Levita Productions in

bringing the classic ‘Daily Fable’ children’s series back to the screen. Rubinstein Pictures will

immediately commence pre-production and development on a 3D animation series for television,

based on the Dutch classic ‘De Fabeltjeskrant’, which coincidentally will celebrate its 50th

anniversary in 2018.

Rubinstein Pictures will bring the adventures of the residents of the Fable Forest to a wide

international audience. The beloved characters will be brought into the 21st century, with respect for

the long history of the original series, and the application of the most cutting-edge animation


Numerous generations have grown up watching the daily episodes of this classic series. The

adventures of Miss Stork, Cunningham the Fox and Fred & Bert Beaver in the Great Animal Forest

were brought into many a living room by Mr. Owl. Between 1968 and 1992 over 1640 episodes were

broadcast in more than forty territories. In countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Sweden

and Italy, ‘The Daily Fable’ was highly successful, and this new series will endeavour to reach the

widest possible audience outside of its native Holland and Belgium.

Mark Mertens