Dulle-Grietlaan 1

9050 Gentbrugge



Tel: +49 -7141 - 5070001 

Fax: +49-7114-90761096


Managing Directors:

Mark Mertens / Jan Goossen


As a content creation company we have experience in a wide variety of projects for both animation and live action.


Grid Animation was elected European TV-Animation Producer Of The Year at Cartoon Forum in 2013, and won the price for European Animation Feature Producer Of The Year at Cartoon Movie in 2016.


Currently in production are the animated features ‘Deep’, ‘Harvie and the Magic Museum’ and ‘Marnie's World’.

Production has ended on TV series 'Ziggy and the Zootram', based on the graphic universe of Leo Timmers, and we are currently producing the animated series 'Little Luke and Lucy', and, together with Turin based co-producer Showlab, the RAI commissioned series 'Yoyo'.

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