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hedgehog latte

The forest and its inhabitants are suffering under a terrible drought. The ponds are drying up and the situation is hopeless. The only one who refuses to stand by passively and wait is Latte the girl hedgehog. She decides to set out on a dangerous journey to take back the mag- ic Waterstone from the claws of Bantur, the Bear King, and thereby end the drought. However, before Latte can confront the dreadful Bear King, she must rst pass through the forest of the dangerous lynxes, and the realm of the devious wolves.

To her great irritation, Latte is being accompanied on her adventure by none other than her main rival, Tjum the squirrel, who is deter- mined to follow her. Grudgingly these two squabblers come to recognize that the only way they can survive the breathtaking dangers and obstacles they encounter on their journey is to stick together.