crypto Animals

10 x 50-minutes

10-14 year olds

Mythical Creatures in Jeopardy!


Violet and ValiantTwist and their friend Shaila make an incredible discovery in the attic of their huge Victorian house - the headquarters of SOS Crypto Animals. This association, protecting the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, the Unicorn and other unique phenomena, was founded by Lord Clarence Wilberforce Blanding and his butler, Jeeves - two ‘real life’ ghosts!  Their aim is to protect those legendary creatures that are on the verge of extinction and are threatened by the evil Marmaduke Blackbat and his fearsome female mercenaries, the Raptors.

Marmaduke Blackbat aka ‘President M’ is the most cunning and deceitful criminal on earth. Under different guises he has bought Zoos in different cities around the globe, aiming to fill them with fantastical animal creatures.

The Crypto Animals are his prime targets, chasing them everywhere on all continents, from the summits of the Himalaya to the depths of Loch Ness. Blackbat heads a team of fearsome female mercenaries called the Raptors, who are fiercely loyal to him.

Blackbat and his Raptors will be forever the nemesis of Violet, Shaila and Valiant whose mission is to save the Crypto Animals.